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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A whole paragraph huwaw!

I have finally forsaken the bullets. It’s pre-finals week and I am pretending that I have time to kill. Something went screwy with my computer earlier this evening, leading me to uninstall my YM, and now that the computer’s alright again, I am re-installing it. Since my computer performs at the speed of thawing glycerine, however, it is going to take, um, long. Of course, I could re-install it tomorrow and get myself to bed, but then I’ve been hocking myself up on milktea and coffee since this morning, so my will and the concept of having nothing better to do are currently the Bestest of Friends. Of course of course, instead of boring myself with this paragraph, I could spend this re-installation waiting period studying for my Philo orals, on which my graduation seriously relies, but I’ve been doing that for most of the day and there’s only so much Marcel Filipino-version that I can stand. Of course of course of course, I could study for my Theo orals or my PolSci finals, which are not as important as fatal Philo but do bear some sort of weight on my sort-of conscience, but then I have already written down too much in this posting box and really, I shouldn’t waste something so dispensable.

Please let me graduate.

posted by marguerite @ 12:56 AM


Monday, February 19, 2007

For now, I have no energy for whole paragraphs. I will have the will next week, most probably, when I have flushed every brown, gritty chunk of the academe away.

Bullets, bullets. Again, again.

+ The previous statement about flushing and the academe is still uncertain, actually, since my standing in Philo is a D. D stands for Dumbass Who Can't Express Herself in Filipino Even Though She Gets The Lessons She Gets It She Gets It She Gets It She Does. I have to pass my final oral exam or else or else or else or else.

+ In the above photo is a mini-Chuck Taylors shoe flanked by two stuffed koalas and plenty of plastic foliage. The nicest in-tricycle decor I have ever come across.

+ Made a mockery of myself in Media Law.

+ Had my hair cut last Sunday, my first in almost a year. But just a trim, so there's nothing significantly different about it.

+ I'll go Philo-ing now.

posted by marguerite @ 11:36 PM


Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've got your letter, / you've got my song.

posted by marguerite @ 6:18 PM


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

fat choy.
Again, in bullets.

+ I stuffed myself with ready-made tikoy just now and I feel like chucking up. My month-long craving has been obliterated.

+ I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night. It is now the Film I Wish I Had Written Because Man If I Had I Could Die Happy. Donnie Darko used to own this spot but, well, tough cookies.

+ Pumpkin and I planned the best potential Hare-Brained Skeem yesterday. It was such a good Hare-Brained Skeem, it really was, something that would have capped off our four years of Hare-Brained Skeeming very nicely, but then Pumpkin chickened out because I couldn’t accompany him for Phase Two. DEMMET.

+ In connection, I wonder if Hare-Brained Skeems can still work after college. I wonder if I’ll end up with a work friend who will share my love for useless, temporarily-satisfying plans to wreak shallow havoc on others.

+ About the fact that graduation is just a few weeks away. I just want it to hit me. I just want to step out of my final orals/exam room unawares, take a few steps in some random direction and then have it slam into my consciousness with the force of a dozen fat Jesuits that I am freefreefree.

posted by marguerite @ 4:10 PM


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In bullets.

+ Am downloading two songs by The Meteors. They fall under the genre psychobilly, and I am only trying them out because the genre name sounded too interesting to pass up. Heard the term somewhere and decided to give it a go. Am listening to the preview now and I don't like it all that much. Too much hillbilly, not enough psycho.

+ Picked up my grad pics today. To my complete surprise, I can stand looking at my formal photo more than at the informal one. This isn't to say that I don't look like a dumb fuck in both, because I do, but the informal one is really making me twitch.

+ The cab I rode this morning had its own mini-DVD screen in the passenger seat. The cabbie had me watch Scary Movie 4 on the way to school.

+ Twinkle and I passed our things to the department today. It is the last Ateneo-related requirement I have any semblance of interest in. The last three weeks in the academe is just something I have to slog through now. Slog.

+ No, I do not like psychobilly.

posted by marguerite @ 9:22 PM


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grimace, the hungry, hungry hock-up.

(You can all tell I had a field day when I saw this.)

posted by marguerite @ 5:02 PM


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