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It's Hurltastic
Monday, October 20, 2008

Foolishly assuming that this blog used to have some semblance of quality in the first place, I have come to realize the rapid deterioration, content-wise, of my Dirty Shirt. Then again, I didn’t put this thing up in order to be an actual decent blogger, to be the type who’d punch something of import out, which is what quite a few of my friends actually do, and do very well.

And again, I have no point to this entry, really, as with all of my other entries as of late. This is just my attempt to center myself while still reeling from a particularly ridiculous hangover, one which made me spew out the pitiable entry just before this one and filled me with (whodathunk?) an extra ounce of shame.

But I do want to share, for the benefit of my beloved Dumag duckies, that I had a pretty nifty afternoon. After the job interview (whose details I will not divulge because god I don’t want to jinx it), Tokwa, his officemate Loi, and I were smoking on the sidewalk at Maginhawa when who should pass by but Lambert and his cozy monkey headphones. It was a nice little reunion, a serendipitous follow-up to the larger reunion last Friday at Greenbelt, wherein Dustin, Banana Man Lawrence, Leslie, Carmela, Leeza Sexpot and I caught the performance of Tokwa’s play. It was just one of those times when the world’s smallness works in your favor. (Mga katsubong, buhay pa si Lamberto!) It helped tide my hangover for a bit, anyway.

And there you go. Swinging right back into the sophomoric blogging device that is the hangover reference. I will stop now. I will go lie down and try to be less of a goddamn formula.

posted by marguerite @ 10:30 PM


Hurl (A Few Sentiments)

1) One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.
2) Am in a netshop in Philcoa an hour before a job interview.
3) The monitor is quaking. The mouse too, although it doesn't look like it's quaking. I can only tell because the cursor is crawling across the screen every which way of its own accord.
4) Whattahangover.
5) According to Weird Fact of the Day, there are more chickens in the world than people, and that is just awesome.
6) I want to take a dump, but that would require me skulking into the McDonald's downstairs, and I'm too lazy.
7) I will get my resume printed out in 15 minutes.
8) YES! The haze is clearing. Suck it, Jose Cuervo.
9) I really hope I get this job.
10) I should get my hair trimmed.
11) O siya, magpapaprint na ako.
12) Bye for now, blog! Yehey!

posted by marguerite @ 1:08 PM


Sore Throat, Part 2 3 Germs Suck Ass
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Never step into a supermarket sick; everything there will swear to cure you. It doesn’t matter what section you’re in—Fresh Produce, Facial Care, Tuna, Hardware. Anything shelved seems to promise some strange brand of glory, calling out to you (yes, you, the hot mess popping Strepsils on Aisle 5), telling you that, with it, alleviation is nigh. Pick me, Sick Girl. Eat/drink/apply/spray/assemble/employ me and all your bacterial boohoos will be gone. Just like that. What an empty basket you have.

Any actual, significant changes are relegated to my ATM account.

posted by marguerite @ 6:14 PM


Monday, October 06, 2008

ULTRA WON! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

My Cousin Whammy’s experimental short film placed 2nd in the .MOV International Digital Film Fest’s Silvershorts Competition, and I’m ridiculously proud of him. Dustin and I are stoked to be part of it as well, serving as the proverbial actors-alalays in the one-day shoot, but it was a one-man crew deal, ultimately. Whammy pulled the whole gig off all on his lonesome, and he deserves every cent of his tasty cash prize.

Congratulations and advanced Happy Happy Birthday, Favoritest Cousin in the Whole Wide Universe! :)

posted by marguerite @ 2:04 PM


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