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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I miss my friends.

posted by marguerite @ 2:50 PM


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If that goddamn Abu Sayyaf scarf was the source of sartorial sore eyes last year, methinks this year’s fashion fuck up (among our native jologs, anyway) is that goddamn un-worn baseball cap. You’ve seen this at least once on the street—a mesh baseball cap set precariously on top of some semi-kal skull. Not fixed safely onto the skull, as anyone with a smidge of logic would wear a cap. Just on top of it, the edges of the cap barely clinging on to the curvature of someone’s head (which, I would naturally assume, is empty).

Just as the Abu Sayyaf scarf taunts me to grab it and wring its wearer’s neck, the un-worn cap goads me to slap my palm down on its wearer’s head, placing it on properly myself. I know hiphop has a lot to do with excess, but this has to be the dolt-iest trend it’s come up with thus far. Yes, grills and shutter shades are pretty stupid, too, but at least you actually wear them. This cap thing is really retarded in comparison. It’s like pulling your shirt over your head and not putting its sleeves on, letting it stay there on your shoulders like a rag around your neck (scarf, much?).

I guess the only good thing that may just come out of this is better posture. Which totally negates the overall ghetto disposition, but I don’t know. I wear hoodies in the scorching heat, so who am I to diss.

BUT REALLY! The logistics of this cap thing is beyond me. Unless you use glue or double-sided tape, can you really commute with peace of mind? Can you keep small pets in the resulting hollow?

This may very well be another phallus-related cry for help among the male population. Nigga ain’t hung, so he might as well make up for it by being (metaphorically and costume-ily) dickheaded?

posted by marguerite @ 4:14 PM


Mandatory Second Day of the New Year I-Need-to-Make-Habol-My-Feelings Blog Entry
Friday, January 02, 2009

I realize, heating up bathwater and checking my mail and bracing myself for this afternoon’s ear examination (something nasty has blocked up my hearing; I’ve been listening to the world the past month behind what is most likely a thick, shifting wall of pus), that I have abandoned my blog during those last, crucial moments of 2008, when I would usually participate quite enthusiastically in the starry-eyed schmaltz-fest of personal journal-ists. I do have a lot to be thankful for. I do have things to look forward to. And while I will not publicly announce a strict set of resolutions for this new year, I am, indeed, resolved. Ayoko lang mag-share, bakit ba.

But I will say this: 2008 was the year that—slowly, surely, pain- and blissfully—coaxed me to be better. And I mean it. If I’ve mentioned this before in previous years (and, knowing my younger, considerably more shit-filled self, I probably have), those past remarks don’t mean squat in comparison. It took an awesome person to very patiently bring me to this point, and I am very glad and very thankful for that.

So there. Hi, New Year. *waves*

posted by marguerite @ 12:34 PM


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