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Ang Enet
Friday, February 20, 2009

There’s this scene in the film version of The Secret Garden (which, incidentally, happens to be a novel I’d read a gabizijillion times when I was a kid; isolated brats do like to read about themselves) wherein Colin, the snotty Victorian hypochondriac lad, is immersed in a tub of ice cubes. I used to love watching that scene, because it made me feel lucky not to be a snotty Victorian hypochondriac lad trapped in a manor in the nippy moors and, instead, be a snotty Ramos brownout-era wench trapped in a cramped compound in the scorching tropics. An ice bath, therefore, would actually be something I could look forward to, would be something that would not cause intense physical and psychological backlash but, on the other hand, would be just damn good.

Why am I writing this? Because I am no fan of summer, and it is summer, and it is HOT, Satan’s armpit HOT, and I have not had a bath since yesterday, and I am most likely teeming with gabizijillions of tiny Warm Gremlins of Filth, and oh god oh god a bath a bath a bath an ice cube bath with soap and shampoo and an indefinite stretch of evening please god help me it’s so so WARM.

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The Heck of It
Friday, February 13, 2009


+ Found myself at the Martin-Pops concert at Araneta with D and his folks at the last-est minute. Went on major blackout when the uncouple brought out their "now vows" and read them out loud to each other. All in all, have decided that Pops has low self esteem, and that Martin is a douche. But I'm sure most people already know that; I'm just very behind on my OPM larnin'.

+ Went to an honest-to-goodness tgsk tgsk club all dolled up and shit with D and his brothers. All tgsk tgsk club stereotypes were fulfilled: long, antsy lines, hordes of hipons, unabashed grinding and sucking face.

And the funny thing is -- I think I get it.

That was the best night of Empty I've had in a while. Of course, you can take the kupaw out of Kupawland, but you can't take Kupawland out of the kupaw.

+ My short story "Cross" is out in the latest issue of Story Philippines. Yeehaw.

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the girl

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