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Bomba Radyo
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few of us perverts from the FHM Erotica antho will be grilled on RX 93.1 this Thursday at 9 PM. Having a story out there on head is one thing; an on-air lobotomy is a different (and, at my expense, assuredly amusing) case altogether. I can hear the questions already. Like long, low blasts from a fog horn, alerting my messy attempt to juggle candor, propriety, and a pleasant radio voice. I should probably make someone record the interview; I would very much like my grandchildren to hear Lola struggle to explain to the public that just because her fictional character has sucked off hundreds of cocks doesn’t mean she’s done the same. Yeehaw.


Caught Be Kind Rewind with Dustin yesterday. Like anything else from Michel Gondry, the film’s visual gimmicks are way worth the watch. His simplistic plot and loopy dialogue, though, are just not my bag. Gondry undoubtedly lives in his own quaint little world, where people act and talk so flakily, they’re adorable. And while I suppose it’s refreshing to see adult humans behave like cartoons so unapologetically, I couldn’t help but feel a bit antsy. There’s Surreal, which is fine, and then there’s Real But Let’s Just Look the Other Way at Opportune Plot Points, which may test your patience. Gondry requires a good writer. He pulled Eternal Sunshine off because Charlie Kaufman has the same incredible sense of novelty and the storytelling skill. Regardless, watch Be Kind anyway. If not for the gimmicks, at least for Mos Def. Crush ko siya, bakit ba.

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Hilarious. Sort of.
Saturday, June 21, 2008

It is 6-something in the morning. I am half-awake. I have just flooded my house. Accidentally; I'm not that loony. Turned the faucet open in my bathroom last night, found no water coming out of it, and plumb forgot to close it. My brain does bad things. Now, since the water came back this morning, the whole downstairs is all drippy, like we're in a fucking redneck shack in Iowa. My grandfather is livid and has been calling me a sannavabitch since I woke up. I am too groggy and sorry and perturbed to remind him that I am a bitch, and not a sannavabitch. Kept apologizing, but the vocal admission of my culpability isn't exactly going to fix the fact that we are currently mired in Waterworld. I hate Kevin Costner. My brain does bad things. I have some students to tutor in a few hours. I should go have breakfast now. (If I'm lucky, I think, they will let me take bath.)

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Tagged by Camille "Bruha Bruha" Banzon
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No. At this point tonight, and in a room whose clime is not unlike that of a hothouse smack-fucking-dab in the Kalahari, I do not have better things to do.

1. This game starts with 6 weird things about you.

2. People who got tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things.

3. They should state this rule clearly as well.

4. At the end of the list, tag 6 people.

5. Don't forget to inform each newly-tagged person by posting a comment on his own blog.

6 Ineffectual Things about Margie

[1] Ever since I saw that wondrous turkey-basting scene in The Big Hit, where his hands take a standard Butterball to impossibly sensual heights, I have had the major hots for Mr. Mark Wahlberg.

[2] If I had to slip into someone else’s skin and live out the rest of his or her life, I would pick Sophie Ellis-Bextor. In no other way could schlumpy ol’ me set my inner Disco Vamp free, free, free.

[3] My rage over grammatically-incorrect/awkward advertising copy on billboards will stay with me for years. (Have you MET? Have you MET??!?!! Have you MET??!?!!)

[4] My current idea of Personal Hell would be waking up in between Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy again and again and again and again for all eternity. (Open eyes. Let moment of pure, palpable horror sink in. Rewind. Open eyes. Let moment…)

[5] When I was six years old, I was made to dress as a nun, ride a motorized plywood bus and wave at people. I also used to be a Bead in a Living Rosary. Something tells me I’ve been paying dearly for these through the years.

[6] I really, really, really like waffle dogs.

I am tagging Yol (ayan kasi), Depra, Bullfrog Baby Jordan, Dustin, Siquey, and Mitch. Screw the 5th instruction. Decide whether or not to feel a pressing obligation.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008



My short story “The Liaison Manager” is out in Playboy Philippines June ish. Yeehaw.

There’s something to be said here about my recent brush with girlie mags (I didn’t expect the FHM Erotica thing, for instance, to be this, um, available, and this has led to some people [non-relatives] giving me high-fives, and to some [relatives] giving me very long, perturbed, and categorically fearful looks), but I’m fine with saying squat.

Oh, but I really just have to say, the mock cum in my story’s photos? That was freaking cool.

What? Me big girl now.

Pahabol Plug: "Yaya," another piece, will be out this coming week in Philippines Free Press. Woohoo!


These are a couple of stills from Ultra, Cousin Whammy’s latest experimental film endeavor/Cinemanila entry, with me and Dustin as the Token Pair of Amateurs Willing to Act for Food.

During last Monday’s shoot, we were made to run through a very lush, unwieldy field, sit impossibly still for 15 minutes and, in my case, wear a Flower Monster suit.

I shall not deign to elaborate further.

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