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Cut Here
Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am now officially inked. A pair of left-handed scissors in shades of black and gun metal gray over my left shoulder blade.

I am, like, so kupaw.

The sordid details of my first tattoo experience will come out in the next issue of Fudge magazine (and on this blog, in due time). An x-deal, if you will. Fudge has this section called “I’ll Do Anything Once,” wherein a person undergoes a particular ordeal for free and then writes about it, so I pitched the tat idea a few months ago, having jonesed for a pretty needle-point piece on my hide for the longest time. Karl DM then pulled some strings with Slapshock’s Jamir Garcia who, with his bandmates and friends, just opened the tat parlor House of Pain, leading me to visit said House yesterday with Dustin, Bastion of Moral Support and Sick Secret Glee and, well, the rest, as they whose backs are currently too sore to continue blogging say, is history. A little bzzt bzzt and I’ve been happily branded.

A few photos are in order:

This is (seriously) shit-scared little me trying to quell my fears by pretending to be shit-scared.

This is me stalling for time, interviewing Lee and Jamir for a House of Pain piece.

This is resident tat artist Pat Julian in the process of branding my back.

Finishing stabs.

This photo works on so many levels.

And there! A nifty pair of shears after an hour's worth of knifing. I wasn't a bleeder. Nor was I a wincer, fidgeter or yipper. I am, instead, one very happy trooper.

More photos of my trip to the House of Pain may be perused here. All shots are c/o Philip Zayco. Rock and roll.

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You Try Na Now Na
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ateneo writers’ workshop offers fellowships

The Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practices (AILAP) is accepting applications for the 8th Ateneo National Writers Workshop (ANWW) to be held on 20-25 Oct. 2008.

Each applicant should submit a portfolio in triplicate of any of the following works: five poems, three short stories, written in Filipino or English, with a title page bearing the author’s pseudonym and a table of contents. The 8th ANWW will not be accepting portfolios for one-act plays as a separate workshop will be conducted for this. Details will be announced later this year.

The portfolio must also be accompanied by a diskette containing a file of the documents saved in Rich Text Format.

All submissions must include a sealed envelope containing the author’s name, address, contact numbers, e-mail address, and a one-page resume including a literary curriculum vitae with a 1x1 ID picture.

Twelve fellows will be chosen from all over the country. Food and accomodations will be provided.

Please address entries to: Alvin B. Yapan, acting director, AILAP c/o Department of Filipino, 3F Horacio de la Costa Hall, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Deadline of submissions is on 8 September 2008. For inquiries, please call 426-6001 local 5320-21 or e-mail ayapan@ateneo.edu.

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Margie’s Sexiest Blog Entry Ever Seeeeex Seeeeex Seeeeex
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So I have this gigantic boil on my hip. It used to be this marble-sized cyst that my grandparents—doctors both—have told me to ignore for more than a year now, but it got infected and has morphed into something far more freakish. It has subsided somewhat thanks to antibiotics, but you should have seen it this morning, when it was still this huge, squashy lump in gradating shades of purple. A frightening, fascinating thing to wake up to, really. Fortunately, I took medication just before it could reach that pus-filled Mount Kilimanjaro state it was threatening to become, and went to the hospital to have it checked. Its sentence: more pills and an excision in the near future.

I can’t wait for the excision. Besides the fact that it sounds really cool (So what did I do today? Oh, well, I had the cyst on my hip excised. *sabay sandal sa pader at sindi ng yosi*), I have actually never been operated on in my whole life thus far. It’s just a minor, outpatient procedure, but it’s still this experience I have yet to undergo, anyway.

The last few times I went to the hospital were both ridiculous emergency room situations. There was that time I was fixed up with artificial skin after my leg was deliberately run over by a tricycle (was mugged by a stoned tricycle driver in broad daylight). And then there was that time Javs brought my unconscious slab over after a particularly heinous dysmenorrhea attack. Neither episode required sharp utensils, though, so this excision should be a pretty fun first for me.

This entry reeks of updating for updating’s sake, I know, but just don’t tell my boil that. Let it possess a sense of purpose for as long as it can.

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the girl

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