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Thursday, May 21, 2009


posted by marguerite @ 12:47 AM


Aba Ginanahang Magblog Ang Gaga
Thursday, May 07, 2009

Being that my daily commute has swerved abruptly from EDSA to its far more sinister cousin Commonwealth in recent weeks, I have suddenly become privy to far more crimes and near-death experiences. (The avenue, in fact, has always been cloaked in Creepy ever since I could remember, and belongs to my personal list of Inexplicably Evil-Seeming Places, which also includes the other side of Shaw Boulevard [yung may PureGold], Quiapo, and most exclusive schools.)

There is a lot I can gripe about Commonwealth--St. Peter's Parish a.k.a. Rasputin's Playpen, Litex a.k.a. The Most Literal Shithole in Quezon City, the profusion of goat corpses and budget funerarias--but I just wanted to point an unwarranted and accusing finger at Those Morons Who Run Across Commonwealth.

You know how you can pick a Filipino jaywalker/runner out from a frantic, multinational, lawbreaking crowd? Find the asshole with a smile on his face.

Drives me nuts, these grins--apologetic but not really, a show of pure, twinkly happiness at the thought of cheating death in the most idiotic way possible. I used to think some of them were actually grimaces, as if the jaywalker/runner suddenly realized mid-half-assed-stunt that he should, uh, want to live. But the constancy of these Morons have ascertained that these expressions are, in fact, displays of true glee.

I know this is a pretty hackneyed observation in the end. Yes, yes, Filipinos laugh at and through their hardships. Yes, yes, Filipinos laugh in the face of corruption and disease and squalor because they don't really know what fuck-else to do. Yes, yes, (more of my middle-class brat whining). But I just wanted to point it out because, well, I am just fulfilling my role as humble cyberspace filler like most everyone else is. I am just helping make the world go 'round as it has deigned itself to. I am not a kibitzer; I am the fucking She-Ra of the status quo. God I'm hopeless. Let's all hold hands.

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Go Adam!
Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's been difficult to speak up these past few weeks, most especially because it has been exactly a year since my Iyas-Dumaguete Workshop/Bakasyon Grande Extravaganza and the subsequent rebooting of pretty much my whole life. My gratitude towards that month, its high-jinks, and its motley crew of newfound friends + 1 man whore is staggering, and I have no idea how to commemorate this time without sapping it of its mojo, so, no. Senting-senti na ako offline.

It is also difficult to speak of my first ever company outing with the BlackInk folk in Baguio because the entry would be rife with my usual Baguio banter (ube ukay ube lamig misskonamakiling ube ube lamig), but it was, of course, a naturally good vacation, Baguio being one of my default Places of Happiness.

So what gives? What must I blog about save for Tunay na Lalake, the sexiest (and most male, so male the stench of sweat and Tiger Balm and sisig and the faintest zing of shit will push through your monitor like a needy [and respectably proportioned] cock) blog in the universe?

Not much. I'm just waiting for AI. It's rock week today. I'm rooting for the tranny.

posted by marguerite @ 3:38 PM


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